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Community Values
is a proven successful direct mail vehicle for advertisers & is extremely popular with con-sumers because it has been designed for consumer acceptance and advertising results.
Community Values Coupon Magazine...  
  Is mailed as a free standing piece to 15,000 or more local households...the
residents closest to you.
  Is a full color publication printed on high quality 60-70lb. glossy stock paper.
  Has an appealing family design
  Is mailed 5 times per year, the 4 seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) and a holiday issue. The coupons are valid for 8-12 weeks assuring extended shelf life and response
  Is low in cost with coupon ads for less than 1 - 2 cents per household.
  Choose to advertise in one or more seasons...and one or more zones.
Community Values Online...  
  Advertisers can choose to have a link to their website and the current magazine ad printed from this site (see Advertiser Links and Coupons)
  Is a high traffic website that is promoted to 200,000 households per month
  Ads from each zone are featured each week on Facebook and other social media
  Is a great way to drive traffic to your own website
Business Opportunity
Publishing opportunities are available in the Community Values family - join the largest and fastest-growing local Direct Mail coupon magazine company in the country and publish your own local Community Values ad magazine! Learn moreā€¦

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101 Bridge Street, Salem, NH 03079
Phone: (603) 893-8940
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